5 Secrets to Hiring a Better Dry Cleaning Service

Dealing with incompetent dry cleaners is often frustrating. If you pay good money for your clothes and you’re careful with them, it can be stressful to find them looking the worse for wear when they get back from the dry cleaners. One ruined dress or blouse is enough. Here’s how to find the best dry cleaning services in Bangalore and put a stop to your problems:

Do your research

Go online and look for dry cleaning services in your area. Sound options include the Press2 India Pvt Ltd., especially given their expertise in caring for designer wear. Considering the money you invest in your clothes, you want pros to make sure they’re handled right.

Consider other services

If you have a ton of dirty shoes you’ve stopped wearing, some of the best laundry services also offer shoe restoration help. They can also alter or darn clothes for you as well as clean, repair or alter your bag. These services make it convenient for you to get these repairs seen to, all while dropping off and picking up your laundry as well. Two birds, one stone.

Listen to referrals

Word of mouth referrals are a good indication of whether a business is good or not. Ask around. Your friends and family could provide you with valuable information and insight, especially if they have already used the services of that dry cleaner in the past.

Look for online reviews

Online reviews are another way to get a gauge on the service quality of the laundry service, says Spruce. If there are a ton of negative ones, you might want to explore other options. Good reviews, though, are a sign that giving that company a shot could be entirely worth it.

Trust your gut

When you drop your clothes off, try to get a feel for the staff. Are they pleasant or rushed? Organized or not? That could influence your decision on whether to use their services or not.

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