Compelling Reasons to Buy an Air Tight Stash Jar for Your House

As someone who imbibes of fresh herbs, you want to be as discreet about your pastime as possible. You would rather avoid inconveniencing others who live close to or in your home.

To keep your smoking on the down low, you can keep your supplies in an air tight stash jar. These reasons are some for making this investment in your home today.


One of the main reasons to use this jar in your home involves keeping your habit discreet. You do not want the smell of your smoking or vaping to escape into every part of your home. When you are not using it, you can keep its smell contained within the jar.


Another reason to use the jar involves keeping your herbs fresh. If you stored them in zipper storage or paper bag, they would lose their scent and potency. They could be less enjoyable to use.

The jar keeps out air so that all the contents’ freshness is maintained. You avoid wasting money on something that you must use right away and cannot keep in your home for long.

You can find dozens of assorted styles of these jars online. To learn more about why you should use an air tight stash jar in your home, you can read more about them on Smokus Focus.

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