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by | Oct 2, 2018 | Classified Ads

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When it comes to promoting a business, it both online and offline advertisements are widely used. However, online advertising is considered to be the easiest and effective tools. Talking about online advertising, there are various myths about advertising a business like there is only paid ways are available to advertise, and that too is very expensive. It is true to some extent, but there are ways to advertise on the internet for free. If we talk about India, then there are various options to post free advertisement in India.

Google ad words, Facebook and Instagram ads are some of the paid online advertisement services, and these are that expensive. There are various ways to advertise online for free as well.

Creating a free website on Wix or WordPress

To advertise online, it is essential to have an online presence of your company, and it starts with creating a website. Now, here are two options first one is to create a website by purchasing a custom domain and hosting which looks very professional and the other one is going for a free website without any custom domain and hosting. It is not a bad Idea to go for the free option at the start and once business starts doing well first option is always there.

Use question and answer sites

To create online buzz and generate interest in business using question answer sites like Reddit and Quora is very important. By using this website, a business gets more exposure to the right audience. Answering a question that is related to your business and providing the link of the website in the footnotes section is very genuine and effective way to gain follower and clients for the business.

Put quality content in the website

Putting quality content on the websites means putting quality blog posts which can optimize the SEO of the website. About us and contact us section should be short, and all the information should be given about the website in that short articles only. It is essential to keep the website clean and professional.

By applying these online advertising ideas, a business can easily create its good online reputation. For attracting customers, online reputation is the key.  The website also facilitates buying and selling of old goods. Follow us on Twitter.

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