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by | May 5, 2020 | Lawyers & Law Firms

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Divorce is the last thing on your mind when you buy that house you cannot afford or celebrate the birth of your children. But a sad reality of many marriages is that they will end in divorce and send you and all parties involved hurtling through an emotional roller coaster ride post breakup. Divorce breaks your family apart and leaves you facing acrimonious charges and the gloomy prospect of going through the legal proceedings that will seal the dissolution of your marriage. This is the time to seek out expert legal counsel of a Family Law Firm Charlotte NC that will help you tide over this crisis. Even though your marriage is over, you still need to protect your rights, agree on property division and spousal support (if any) and child custody or visitation rights.

The law firm you engage should specialize in family law and divorce cases. In some States, lawyers seek board-certification in family law that requires the lawyer to undergo extra training, trial experience, rigorous testing, and continuous instruction. The lawyers that undergo this sort of constant preparation are better equipped to handle the most complicated or high profile divorce cases. Usually that Family Law Firm Charlotte NC that engages lawyers with board-certification charge higher fees and require higher retainers but they are more successful in handling cases in the favor of their clients. When selecting a law firm, look for referrals and track record so you are assured of the success rate of your lawyer.

Family law involves the prospect of property division. States like California recognize that all property and assets acquired by a couple and income earned during their marriage belong equally to both spouses and would be treated as community property. Community property in California would be divided between the spouses and debts would also be borne equally by them. Community property would include: savings from wages, earned income, family residences, family businesses, 401 and 457 accounts (retirement plans), pension plan benefits, stocks and bonds. The spouses would be allowed to retain their separate properties, earned prior to marriage or received as an inheritance or gift during the marriage.

Your attorneys would be expected to aggressively represent you in protecting your rights, spousal support, child custody, visitation rights and other matters. An experienced attorney would be a sensitive representative that would shield your children from undue disturbance and trauma and not ask you to do illegal things to sway the case. Look for an honest, trustworthy, experienced representative specializing in family law. Ventura residents can seek out the counsel of trained lawyers with good track records for their representation.

If you are looking for representation in matters relating to Family Law, Conrad Trosch & Kemmy offers experienced counsel to ensure clients receive the best possible outcomes.

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