Staying on a Roll in Arlington Heights, Illinois

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Business

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Whether you depend on gravity or power to move your products along a conveyor, they won’t keep rolling along if you need conveyor rollers replacement.

Industries Served

Many industries depend on conveyors to move products and parts along crucial pathways from one location to another. Whether in food handling or coal mining, at high temperature or high speeds, whether used in corrosive or chemical applications, the rising demand for the capable management of increased product volume requires use of the best parts.

Right for the Job

Not all conveyor systems are created equal. The use to which a conveyor system is put determines the material needed in its construction. This is never truer than for the roller system. Some uses are more cost effective than others. In food handling, rollers that do not require external lubrication are advantageous. Plastic resin bushings that are self-lubricating, have a long service life, are USDA and FDA approved, and suit different temperatures and the undermining created by frequent wash-downs are ideal for food handling.


A conveyor’s use decides its choice of roller material. Delrin or polypropylene plastic resin rollers for gravity or slow speed powered provide low maintenance for light and medium duty conveyors can be selected depending on the application. The choice of steel or stainless corrosion resistant metals or plastic resin ball bearings with complementary retainers ensure the right material for the job.

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