Tools Used by Duck Hunting Guides in Texas

Duck hunting guides in Texas provide valuable information to hunters who are not familiar with a particular area. These guides are educated on the area and waterfowl native to the area, with their in-depth knowledge they understand flight patterns of the ducks. In addition, duck hunting guides know specific bird calls, allowing them to lure the waterfowl out. Guides also understand how to set up decoys and traps for waterfowl. Some guides provide duck cleaning services and preservation, which allow hunters to simply take their game home when the trip is home. Guides are typically registered and some even provide sleeping quarters for hunters. Guides use a variety of tools and tricks which enable hunters to get the most game possible. Below are a few tools used by duck hunting in Texas.

Duck Hunting Guides in Texas Use a Variety of Calls

Duck hunting guides in Texas are able to utilize a variety of duck hunting calls. Guides are educated and know calls for both female and male waterfowl. In addition, guides know how to use their hands, voices and equipment to make waterfowl calls. By hiring a guide you’ll simply focus on the hunting, instead of learning all the calls. There are many calls from the 6-in-1 whistle used for mallard ducks to specific calls for males, females and feeding times. Guide are also educated in how long or short a call should be. With so many different calls to learn it may take years. Duck hunting guides will teach you calls and hunting in a hands-on experience.

Blinds Used by Duck Hunting Guides in Texas

Guides use blinds for duck hunting in Texas. A blind is beneficial for hunting waterfowl as it camouflages the hunters and their equipment from the game. A blind is a must-have when hunting waterfowl as they won’t land should they see anything out of the ordinary. While it may seem odd, waterfowl have great eyesight. Ducks are incredibly smart, making a blind necessary. Duck hunting guides in Texas provide the blinds while hunting, some are permanent while others are temporary. Guides will show you how to set-up the blinds and ensure you’re properly hidden.

Duck Hunting Guides in Texas Utilize Decoys

As guides are educated they understand the importance of using decoys. By placing decoys in the right places a hunter will be able to shoot and catch plenty of game. Decoys are most often made from plastic and placed in the water close to the hunter. Duck hunting in Texas know what decoys work best, where to place them and how to use them. Often times the decoys will fill with water once it is placed in the water. In addition, many newer decoys imitate movement of fish and other prey which attract waterfowl. A guide will walk hunters through the steps and advise what type to use. As an added benefit, a guide will already have decoys which allows hunters to spend less money and more time learning, hunting and enjoying the trip.

In addition to these tools, guides are often equipped with boats, special clothing, dogs and other tools necessary to the trip. Guides also are well educated and understand the complexity of hunting waterfowl. By using duck hunting in Texas you can learn more about hunting, its history and most importantly enjoy the hunting experience.

Using duck hunting guides in Texas allow hunters to focus on the hunting. A guide will ensure hunters come home with game and make sure no one gets lost. For more information on duck hunting guides check out Bay Flats Lodge.

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