A Man’s Guide to Wedding Rings

Are you ready to propose? If so, this is a pretty stressful and exciting time. If you want it to be a surprise, then you may not want your soon-to-be finance to know about the ring. While this makes it even more exciting, it can also create a unique challenge – what type of ring to buy and is a bridal jewellery set the right option?

What is a Bridal Set?

If you are new to the world of wedding rings, you may not be familiar with what a bridal jewellery set is. It is essentially the engagement ring and wedding band sold together. It is a matching set and in some cases they will “lock” together. In some situations, you can get a great deal if you opt for buying the rings together.

What’s Her Style?

When you finally begin searching for that perfect ring or set, one of the first things you should consider is the style you want to buy. To get some ideas, look at the jewelry she wears now. Is it larger statement pieces, or small, subtle items? Take a cue from the pieces she is wearing now when searching for a bridal jewellery set.

What’s Her Size?

An important consideration that some people forget about is what size they need to purchase. While the majority of wedding rings can be adjusted, figuring out what her size is ahead of time can be beneficial. You can ask her friends or family members, or borrow one of her other rings to take along on your shopping trip.

Getting the right wedding set can help ensure a proposal goes great. The tips here will also help ensure that she loves the ring that you have chosen.

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