Darning And Pressing Specialists Handling Your Garments With Care

Pressto India are one of the best darning stores in Mumbai. They are the best at rejuvenating a garment and transforming it into a glamourous one. They combine the best expertise and talented professional there are in providing all their customers with the best darning services. Their services extend to even the remotest parts of Mumbai.

At Pressto India, all their customers get to interact with these professionals who are infact trained specialists in garment care. The customers can ask them their queries, place demands, demand services to be done, demand that their garments are customized. They can also get a bill for all their services. They provide their customers with highlights of the possible steps to be taken to protect their garments from deterioration.

Each customer is given special instructions as to the handling of each garment. They are also intimated of the delivery time and date after the services are completed.

Pressto India offers top quality darning services in the country. They ensure that the fabrics are rejuvenated and given a complete different appearance or pattern from the original one which was bought at stores. Each fabric is first handed over to the darning specialist who completely assesses the fabric and then takes the decision as to the darning of the material while keeping in mind the wishes and desires of the customer as well. They darn trousers, shirts, dresses, uniforms, suits.

They also offer pressing services to their customers. After the dry cleaning and laundry is completed, the garment is sent to the pressing section available at the store. The garments are then pressed and ironed well by such specialists who know how to really handle the garments with care. They ensure that your garment is neither damaged nor burnt in the process of pressing. They ensure that the right temperature and heat is applied, to give you that neat and finished look.

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