Things to Think About Before You Order Photo Prints Online

While some people print photos at home, it’s a great idea to order photo prints online. For one thing, buying from an online photo print supplier can be less money and for another, there are many more options.

Before you choose your source for ordering prints online, here are some things to consider:

Wait Time

What sort of wait time will you be looking at for your photo prints? When you order them online, you should have a good indication of how long they will take.


Will the photo print source offer more than one option for the size and finish of photo?  Can you get a larger photo print? Can you opt for matte finish or is glossy the default? Are there other options, too, such as canvas or luster finish? Other coating options could be available, too, making one print photo source better for your needs than another.


Does the online photo retailer offer just prints or can they turn your photographs into other things? A canvas float wrap, for instance, could make an excellent gift for someone else as well as for décor for the home. Wedding photos, photos of children, special occasion pictures, photos of pets, etcetera.

Many factors will determine the quality output when you order photo prints online, so keep this in mind as well. Lighting, camera quality, resolution, and file type will play a factor in the quality output.


While cost is always going to be a factor, it shouldn’t be the only factor, otherwise you could find that quality suffers. Look at cost and compare that with others but look at reviews also, so that you will know which option seems to be the best for your needs, particularly if it’s for something important and something on a short timeline. Once you’ve tried a resource to order photo prints online you’ll typically have a good indication whether or not you’d like to use them again.

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